If You Want Your Skin to Look Like an IRL Filter, We Got You

Few products are as important as concealer. Did an unexpected blemish arrive overnight? Concealer is there in the morning to do its job. Have a late night? Concealer will erase the evidence, no questions asked. Even when skin is just feeling blah, concealer instantly boosts its radiance. That's just what concealer does. When it's good, you can always count on it. But sadly, all formulas aren't created equal. Sometimes they cake. Sometimes they crease. And worst of all, sometimes they don't last. The horror!

airbrushed-like skin

Good news: None of those horrors apply to the Hourglass Vanish Airbrush Concealer (£32). The formula is crease resistant and highly pigmented. It conceals dark circles and imperfections like a pro, and it stays put, especially when paired with the Vanish Airbrush Primer (£50) and Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick (£45). So it should come as no surprise that five Who What Wear editors—five!—are stanning this tube of magic. Me being me, I had to see what the hype was about, so asked my co-workers to shoot transformation snaps. Each of their complexions looks like a straight-up filter, and it's all because of Hourglass's flawless product trio. Keep scrolling to see their impressive before-and-after photos.

Sarah Yang, Managing Editor 

Sarah Yang's airbrushed-like skin



"This concealer is high coverage, but it doesn't feel heavy or look unnatural. The shade Oat matches my skin tone perfectly and blends in really well. The best part for me is that it's actually able to camouflage the dark circles under my eyes and cover up the redness around my nose and chin area. The trio enhances and perfects your skin rather than making you look like a completely different person. You won't regret purchasing any one of these products."

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor 

"Honestly, people know I'm extra picky when it comes to products like primers, concealers and foundation. When you deal with things like acne, dark spots and texture, it can be a journey to find the right combination for your skin. I really do love the concealer, though, because the formula is so breathable, lightweight and creamy. I honestly don't even feel like I'm wearing concealer under my eyes at all when I wear it, which is rare. It also covers dark spots easily and blends really nicely with the foundation stick. The formulas are truly well made and complement each other so seamlessly." 

Indya Brown, Market Editor

Indya Brown's airbrushed-like skin



"As a black woman, I feel like my options for diverse concealer shades can be limited. What I love about the Hourglass Vanish range is that there's a significant assortment of shades according to undertones. Depending on the time of year, I'll swap in different shades. (I tend to get darker and redder during the summer months.) I also really despise concealers that are gloopy or too thin, and the first thing I noticed about the Vanish Airbrush concealer was its substantial texture. It doesn't settle into my textured areas like other concealers do, and it's buttery smooth. It really glides on magically."

Erin Jahns, Senior Beauty Editor 

Erin Jahns' airbrushed-like skin



"If you want to have smooth, perfectly even-looking skin by using fewer makeup products, you need this Vanish trio. It will cut your getting-ready time in half, the coverage is amazing (but still looks natural) and you constantly look like you're walking around with the best lighting. It's like a filter in makeup form. So many concealers that deliver full coverage like this one feel heavy on the skin and are difficult to blend out. This one blends like a dream, feels light and silky, offers buildable coverage and stays put all day without creasing or settling into the fine lines around my eyes. I'm prone to acne, so I also love that it's non-comedogenic and won't cause any breakouts."

Katie Berohn, Associate Beauty Editor 

Katie Berohn's airbrushed-like skin



"If you want skin-finish makeup that looks like an IRL filter, the Vanish collection is for you. The concealer melts perfectly into skin, and it doesn't look like I'm wearing concealer at all. It's natural, and it doesn't cake, crease or come off throughout the day. And it's so good at covering blemishes and dark circles—mine literally vanish after application, which is huge for me."

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