Face Off: 2 Cool Ways to Update Your Watch Game for Spring

Finding the right watch is like finding the perfect guy—once you discover “the one,” you’ll know. Until then, you just have to keep looking. But don’t get discouraged, because Detroit-based lifestyle brand Shinola, known for their watches and leather goods, is changing the way things are made. Each watch is handmade, so the craftsmanship is top-notch. If you’re still on the hunt for a timepiece love, remember that the right one for you will be more than just a pretty “face.” If you choose wisely and know how to style it, your investment can highlight your sensibilities. From beautifully crafted leather bands to stainless sleek, steel designs, there’s a Shinola watch to elevate every girl’s look.

Scroll down to see two Shinola watches styled for two different types of girls.