How to Find Your Ring Size in 4 Easy Steps at Home

Ring size: work out your ring size measurement with our guide and ring size chart to use at home



Do you know your own ring size? It's one of those random measurements you don't need until you, well, need it (maybe start dropping hints ahead of engagements, birthdays and so on), so it's highly unlikely you'd head into a jewellery store to find out. Now that buying fashion jewellery and fine jewellery online has become really quite commonplace, it's more useful than ever to actually work out your ring size at home and keep it on file.

No fancy instruments or sets of metal measuring circles needed here—just three simple DIY instructions you can do from the comfort of your sofa/dining table/desk/bed/wherever you desire! So, now you can start adding some cocktail rings or delicate stacking styles to the statement earrings, dainty medallion necklaces and chic metallic bangles that currently take up more space in your box of treasures, without having to send them back. Or perhaps you're on the lookout for an engagement ring

It's worth remembering that UK, European and U.S. ring sizes are all different, so the letters you can see below represent UK sizes translated from millimetres, as you'll measure your ring size using this unit of length in order to follow our instructions. In addition, we have mapped out the sizes from G to R, as they're the most common ladies' ring sizes. Ring sizes do actually go from A to Z, and you can see a more complete list for pinkies and/or larger fingers in this official ring size chart.

Otherwise, keep reading to see how you can find your ring size at home…

Ring size: instructions on how to find your ring size measurement at home

Once you have followed the above instructions to decipher your ring size, it's time to work out which letter you are.

Ring size: women's ring size chart in millimetres documenting sizes G to R

Easy peasy, right?


Next up, the rules on how much to spend on an engagement ring.

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