A Denim Expert on How to Finally Find Your Perfect Jeans

On a scale of hideousness, only bikini shopping can hit a more depressing note than searching for the perfect pair of jeans. The process can be relentless, but help is at hand in the form of London’s foremost denim guru, Donna Ida. Since day dot (or 2006 in Chelsea), Australian-born Donna has made it her mission to get women into the jeans that fit them best. Opening up a string of denim boutiques, an online store and even her own line of jeans to fill the gaps in the market for her customers, Donna has made sure there are now many happier denim-clad bottoms in the UK than there once were.

But her work will never be complete due to our changing tastes and trends—not to mention a slightly altered waistline following the Christmas period… So here is her brand-new, 2016-ready advice on finding the jeans you will love like crazy. Forget body shape or size, focus instead on what kind of jeans you like and Donna will know exactly the brand, style and wash you should be going for.

Scroll down to get Donna’s insider tips on your best jean options…

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