How to Find Out About Zara Sales Before Everyone Else Does

We all live for the biannual Zara sales, but with employees keeping mum on the exact start dates, how's a girl supposed to plan for some shopping? Thankfully we have an insider who gave us some valuable tips on how to shop it expertly so you can get there first (and find the pieces you've been eyeing up all season). First up, you need to know that both the winter and summer sales start online at 10 p.m. the day before the in-store sale begins. Right now, there isn't a sale on the site, but that only means you have loads of time to prep before the big summer sale. 

Photo: Courtesy of Zara

>In the meantime, we've got some great tips on what you should buy. Our intel is that you should go for the things that'll be the most popular first. So opt for the higher-priced goods that will sell out quickly (e.g., cashmere, handbags, shoes and coats). "Other pieces like shirts are likely to still be around for the second markdown," recommends our insider. Just remember to try everything on beforehand so you know what to buy. And maybe even research trends for the upcoming season so you can see what will last.

>If you're worried you won't be able to nab what you're after, there's good news: The stores often open early on sale days, so check with your favourite location. Also, if you don't live in the capital, you're more likely to find those popular pieces in the stores outside of London. Finally, don't forget to sign up for the Zara newsletter and follow them on Instagram, as these platforms will keep you updated on sales. Ready to see which pieces you'll want to put on your Zara-sale list? Keep scrolling to see our favourite pieces right now.

Zara Raffia Basket £26

The perfect spring bag. 

Zara Double Breasted Jacket With Pearl Buttons £50

Your office wardrobe just got an upgrade. 

Zara Linen Coat £90

How to do the safari look on a budget. 

Zara Leather Mules With Bow Details £30

Fun shoes that are practical. Win, win. 

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