7 Outfit Ideas That Will Help You Find a Boyfriend

As independent ladies who also happen to be big believers in the power of style to transform one’s self-image and self-confidence, we instinctively recoil at the idea that we should style our outfits for the attention of men. After all, as we’ve seen, most dudes have no clue when it comes to women’s fashion, and why should they? Only we modern ladies can understand the serious appeal of boyfriend jeans and overalls.

Having said that, there’s also something to be said for the power of clothing to entice, attract, and finally land a member of the opposite sex, if that is in fact your desire. There are just certain outfits men seem incapable of resisting; and no, it’s not just skin-baring, cleavage-showing minis.

Scroll down for seven outfit ideas guaranteed to help you find a boyfriend—or at least a quality man worthy of being graced by your presence every now and then.