7 Outfit Ideas That Will Help You Find a Boyfriend

As independent ladies who also happen to be big believers in the power of style to transform one’s self-image and self-confidence, we instinctively recoil at the idea that we should style our outfits for the attention of men. After all, as we’ve seen, most dudes have no clue when it comes to women’s fashion, and why should they? Only we modern ladies can understand the serious appeal of boyfriend jeans and overalls.

Having said that, there’s also something to be said for the power of clothing to entice, attract, and finally land a member of the opposite sex, if that is in fact your desire. There are just certain outfits men seem incapable of resisting; and no, it’s not just skin-baring, cleavage-showing minis.

Scroll down for seven outfit ideas guaranteed to help you find a boyfriend—or at least a quality man worthy of being graced by your presence every now and then.

1. Slinky Slip Dress


Anouska Proetta Brandon

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that dudes like it when ladies show a little bit of skin. The key to doing it stylishly is not to show too much, and to wear a flattering fabric that moves when you do and leaves plenty to the imagination. The on-trend slip dress is perfect for this.

2. Walk of Shame Look


Maja Wyh

When we polled seven men to ask what they think of trendy outfits, we were somewhat shocked to discover that the so-called “walk of shame” look—a boyfriend button-up and slouchy jeans—was the most popular outfit amongst the boys. We probably don’t need to tell you why this might be.

3. Stilettos, Stilettos, Stilettos


Pepe Leon

No matter how much we ladies love our comfortable sneakers, sandals, and slip-on pool slides, dudes will always be turned on by a woman in high heels. Stick with a classic stiletto, avoiding chunky and clunky styles that tend to scare men off.

4. Jeans and a T-shirt


Christine Reehorst of Fash n' Chips

For some reason, if you ask a man how he prefers his girlfriend to dress, nine times out of 10 he’ll say something like, “I just love her in a t-shirt and jeans.” Perhaps it’s because the look is casual enough for them to find approachable, but (when done right) is also quite stylish.

5. Short Shorts and... Anything


What the Chung

If Clueless taught us anything, it’s that men love a woman with a great pair of stems. Show yours off in an on-trend pair of cutoff denim shorts, paired with ... well, just about anything.

6. Pretty Sundress


Always Judging

Ever notice how when you spot an attractive male out and about, he’s almost always on the arm of a girl in a ladylike, printed sundress? Whether it’s classic florals or wistful polka dots, men seem to flock to girls who wear the girly style.

7. Matching Set


Trop Rouge

The most modern of outfits on our list, the matching set seems to draw attention from men because (in their minds at least) it’s something different but also still familiar—it shows you’re put-together but also somewhat daring. And as daring as they want you to be, they also want something approachable—a great matching set achieves both.