5 Effortless Ways to Feel Sexy No Matter What You're Wearing

As a woman of style, you likely take a lot of painstaking steps to make sure you stay up-to-date and look chic when you walk out the door. That’s all good and well, but often what can happen is that your feeling of sensuality and sexiness goes out the window. After all, can any of us honestly say that blanket coats are sexy? No, they are not.

To help give you a breath of fresh, sexy air, we’ve come up with some easy ways to inject a bit of sultriness into your everyday wardrobe without sacrificing style—or making a ton of effort. We’d be willing to bet that even the most stylish women in the world enjoy adding a bit of cheekiness and fun to their looks every now and then!

Keep scrolling to learn five effortless ways to feel sexy no matter what you’re wearing!

The easiest way to feel sexy is pretty straightforward: Just wear something sexy under your normal clothes. There’s no shortage of options out there, like beautiful little things comprised of silk, satin, and lace that will turn up the dial on your feelings of sexiness instantly.

Listen, we love living in a T-shirt as much as you do, but sometimes you have to force yourself to take a step in a slightly edgier direction. A slinky blouse in silk or satin gives your body a certain kind of alluring movement, and they look great paired with skinny jeans especially.

It might not seem super obvious that jewellery can amp up your sex appeal, but it really can. Wearing small pieces that feature edgy details—like spikes, studs, and chains—gives your overall look a subconscious sexiness it likely didn’t have before.

Yes, leather is sexy. This is convenient for all of us, because it also happens to be majorly on-trend at the moment. Leather pants, miniskirts, are flooding your favourite retailers, and the material is undeniably sexy. Everything about the body-hugging, slightly shiny fabric screams sex appeal.

Last but certainly not least, a pair of “you-know-what-me” heels is the ultimate accessory with the irrefutable power to make a woman feel sexier than ever. You could be wearing sweatpants and your boyfriend’s old tee, but with a pair of good heels on, you’ll feel ready for a good ol’ roll in the hay at the drop of a hat.

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