5 Style Habits That Will Make You Look More Professional

While it's true that in this day and age, office attire is more approachable and casual than ever, greater wisdom holds that dressing professionally still pays off in the long run. Your bosses take you more seriously, you possess a more formidable presence, and you might even do your job better—all because of how you dress.

To help us overcome our growing tendency toward business-too-casual attire in the office, we enlisted street style maven, entrepreneur, and businesswoman Caroline Issa to share her wisdom with us. Not only has Issa built several business from the ground up, her style manages to successfully straddle the line between professional, modern, and stylish, all at the same time. For these reasons, we think she's the perfect person to guide us in this area.

Keep scrolling to learn Issa's tips for dressing more professionally, and shop some of our favourite office-ready pieces now! 


What are some of the style habits you've had to break for your office life? Share in the comments below!