The Rock Chick Handbook: Your Fashion Guide to Being a Rebel

So far autumn/winter 2016 is full of bad girls. Goths, rockers, bikers and punks are ruling the runways with storming platform boots and big black smudges of eyeliner to offset just how small the small slips of their (often see-through) dresses are. The babes don't get much more glamorous or spiky than Topshop Unique's lineup: These are girls who have partied until dawn, maybe landed a cameo in a Robert Palmer video, definitely hooked up with a hot rocker or photographer and come out on the other side looking even better than when everything was newly coiffed and powdered at 7 p.m.

Of course, we all know the above scenario didn't actually take place, but this sassy show did provide key pointers on how best to replicate the look from scratch without the effort of an all-nighter.

Scroll down to discover the controlled routes into wardrobe anarchy courtesy of Topshop Unique.

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