News Flash: Scandi Girls Don't Dress the Way You Think

If you search for "Scandi fashion" on Google images, you'll see streams of minimal, monochrome outfits. But that's what you expected, right? The truth is, Scandinavian style in 2017 is far more varied than a uniform of COS sack dresses, Cheap Monday skinny jeans and Acne Studios leather jackets. And we know this because we recently tapped a group of stylish girls from this part of Europe: They all confirmed that our original perception of this region's style codes no longer rings true.

While there is no shortage on the internet of fashion pieces examining the purist tropes of this cool set, in real life, you'll find that Scandi style is more playful and experimental than the black, white, grey and navy layered looks we've always referenced as theirs. It is, of course, impossible to generalise the style of one city, let alone a group of countries, but there are some interesting trends that do come up time and again. Keep reading to get the inside tips on how to dress like a Scandinavian now.