What's Wasting Your Wardrobe's Time, According to a 59-Year-Old Fashion Guru

It pays to know your personal style, no matter what your age. That skill can make you feel more confident on a daily basis, allowing you to not worry about how you look—should you ever have been bothered in the first place. However, while we enjoy gleaning some sartorial inspo from more mature fashion bloggers, it's not always clear how they've managed to hone their wardrobes.

We had the opportunity to speak to 59-year-old model and yoga teacher Lou Kenny, represented by model agency Linden Staub, and she gave us some real, tangible tips on how to get better acquainted with your closet. She's worked in the industry for over 40 years, posing for the likes of Vogue and securing work with super brands such as L'Oreal—it's fair to say she really knows what she's talking about. Not only did she offer us sage advice on what's wasting your wardrobe's time, but she also spoke about how clothes don't make the person—a lesson we're always happy to hear, despite our severe shopping habits. Keep scrolling for the five best tips from Lou on how to dress in your 50s—or any decade for that matter.


Jakub Koziel 

Time to start that wardrobe cleanse perhaps?