How to Dress in Your 30s, by Two Chic Girls Who Have a Style Uniform

How to dress in your 30s? There are certain milestones that can shift your fashion perspective, but this particular birthday is definitely up there as a big one—whether you realise it or not. Changing requirements, emotionally maturing, juggling priorities, finding your sartorial comfort zone—these are all things that can shape, hone and perfect your wardrobe. And that's a great thing. But we realise it's not always the easiest thing. So, we enlisted a super-chic duo—who have passed the 30 mark and found fashion happiness—to reveal what it takes. Get ready to start incorporating the clever uniform mantras of Lou, 41, and Em, 34, of the fashion and lifestyle blog, A Style Album

“By your 30s, you’ve probably experimented with every trend going (whether it suits you or not), so it’s a good to time to strip it all back to what suits your shape, lifestyle and what outfits make you feel a million dollars,” Lou and Em explain. “The key is to have core pieces that work well together, ready-made go-to looks that make getting out of the house stress-free and without the entire contents of your wardrobe strewn across the floor—we’ve all been there.”

Trust us—these pieces are a perfect start to your capsule wardrobe.

This piece was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.