Dressing Your Age: When 12 Real Women Retired Certain Fashion Items

When we hear the phrase "dressing for your age," we can't help but bristle a little. The idea that women should or shouldn't wear certain items because of how many years they've been alive is a rather old-fashioned one, and one we'd like to subvert by giving the power back to the ladies.

To do that, instead of concocting a list of arbitrary tricks, tips, and guidelines for what to wear after the age of 30, 40, 50, and so on, we're putting the onus back on youthe women who make these choices. We chatted with 12 real women, many of whom have reached a certain age, and got them to open up to us about when in their lives they retired certain fashion items.

From short skirts to halter tops, find out when these amazing women said goodbye to the pieces they once loved. Keep scrolling to read their honest thoughts!