Northern Girls on How to Stay Stylish When It's Bloody Cold

It can often feel like you have to choose between looking stylish and being warm—however, there are some clever layering moves and insulating pieces that mean you don't have to decide whether you'd rather blue lips or a good outfit. To find out the best ways to stay stylish when it's bloody cold, we asked some of the best-dressed influencers from the coldest parts of the UK how they keep things interesting in the middle of a cold snap.

Last year Wendy from Thank Fifi, for example, kept posting outfit pictures on Instagram during the weeks of snow in Glasgow when many of us would probably have just worn a puffer coat and our cosiest boots. These ideas are more imaginative than simply wearing an extra layer of thermals—they told me how they use leather trousers, shearling insoles, vests, cut up your leggings and layer coats to put together an outfit that will withstand even the bitterest winter weather. Keep scrolling to see — and shop — these clever cold-weather layering tips.