How to Dress During Mercury Retrograde, by an Editor Who Feels Your Pain

As long as the world keeps turning, there will continue to be stretches of time where we spend our lives feeling upside down and in a spin thanks to Mercury retrograde. And a few days ago another dalliance with this time-warped, life-warped bringer of chaos began. How did your first Mercury retrograde day start? Mine kicked off with a startled 5 a.m. wake-up call courtesy of Scotland Yard banging down my door (well, ringing the doorbell). The reason shall remain undisclosed (it’s actually pretty scary), but suffice it to say they were not looking for me. It destroyed my morning full of good intentions and kicked off this retrograde’s first day with the weirdest initiation I’ve experienced yet…



Style du Monde

So when everything else hangs in the balance—technology going haywire, contracts and promises falling through, poor purchasing choices—how does a style-conscious girl keep her cool? Well, for all of this period’s obstacles, there are silver linings and many of them can be used to your sartorial advantage.

Scroll down to see how you can get through the next few weeks (you can breathe easy after December 22) without totally fluffing everything up…