How to Be Bolder With Your Style in 6 Easy Outfits

In a sea of sameness on Instagram, we love looking to you, dear readers, for inspiration on how to stand out. Yes, you! One person who consistently pops on our feeds is Ellie from Slip Into Style. She's brilliant at pairing high-street finds with a curated selection of luxury and vintage pieces, and mixes colour and print like a queen. Back in March, she stood out for a different reason: her Instagram Story advocating for the end of "same" on Instagram opened up a bigger conversation—and we had to respond. But standing out isn't always easy. Outlandish style doesn't come naturally to most, especially when more wearable influencer-driven trends can be so tempting. How do you find the courage to take your outfit from "same" to bold? We turned to Ellie once again for her help—here are her tips in six outfits.