How to Dress to Flatter Your Body, According to Science

One of the more rewarding aspects of working in fashion is that it encapsulates so much of life. It’s not just about which sweaters to pair with which skirts or the latest model muse to come down the runway; it’s so much more. That’s because even if you don’t work in the industry, you’re still involved in fashion as a consumer because you get dressed every day. Furthermore, the psychological implications of putting clothes on your body are significant. Even if you’re not trying to make an impression or look a certain way, you are still sending out a message.

Keeping that in mind, we perused the web for research and studies that had findings about how we perceive ourselves as well as how others see us. From a mood-lifting colour that makes you seem more radiant to the silhouette that gives you a tinier waist, these scientific insights will give you a new perspective on dressing. Scroll below to learn more!