How to Dress Like an Adult Post-College Graduation

With graduation now in the past, interviews (and hopefully jobs) have likely taken the place of your old class schedule—making you a pro at professional wear. We’re willing to bet, however, that when it comes to more-casual occasions, letting go of that ubiquitous college sweatshirt–and-jeans combo has been harder than you thought. Now that you’ve graduated, dressing might come as a surprising challenge, but not for long.

 Here are some easy swaps for updating your casual go-tos from collegiate gear to adult-approved essentials.

We promise that they’re just as comfy and look twice as awesome.

Sunglasses elevate any look, so why not pick the coolest pair you can find? Your brand-emblazoned sunnies will pale in comparison to unique mirrored shades.

Fun details or layered jewellery make a cool shift dress nighttime appropriate and utterly sophisticated.

Your wedges have most likely seen better days (and nights). A pair of lace-up heels is just as comfortable but way sleeker.

Graphic tees look instantly cool, while sorority tanks should serve only to curb nostalgia.

Whether you go for a sleek minimalist style or prefer something with a bit more embellishment, slides are a serious improvement over rubber shower flip-flops but just as easy to wear.

A bandage skirt harks back to freshman year, while a classy A-line will carry your wardrobe for years to come.

Away from a college campus or gym, there are few places you can wear short shorts. A tailored pair, however, will always look amazing and appropriate.

A leather fringe version looks so much more put together and is just as easy to grab from the depths of your purse.

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Save your sweats for lazing about the house. With a white tee and casual sandals, a pair of tailored joggers is perfect for your weekly brunch.

Perfect for work or just for running around town, a leather tote will take you all the places where a nylon mesh bag is just too casual.

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Looking to further prepare your closet for post-grad life? Check your closet for these.