Why Does the Boho Trend Never Disappear?

If you are suffering from boho fatigue, it’s entirely understandable. Two weekends of Coachella results in a grand total of 144+ hours where social media is saturated with hazy shots of (modern) hippy moments: Floral garland headbands, fringed everything, hair braids, peace signs, cowboy boots, crochet, printed maxi dresses, and all of the usual garb was again employed by the desert festival’s fashionable crowds to party in what’s now “traditional” Coachella style. As a fashion editor who feels a strong affinity with all things ’70s, I find myself confronted with a strange conundrum: I love the look, but have we reached peak boho? One glance at the retail landscape, as well as the direction of both this season and next, and it would appear not…


Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images; Style du Monde

Nadiia Sahpoval and Kate Foley giving good boho on the streets of fashion week.

We’ve already deciphered the ways you can sidestep the clichés like the coolest A-listers, but it’s not just these Californian coordinates where bohemia currently rules supreme. A fashion designer once described boho trends to me as a “cash cow”: It always appeals, it always sells, and it always works on a shop floor—no matter what the overarching trends of the season may be. The mood on the runways and the streets has been very much in favour of the ’70s for some time and continues to be well into A/W 16, but what makes this aesthetic a cash cow? Why do we love it so much? And can you look legitimately bohemian in spring 2016 without going a tassel too far into fancy dress? We put the questions out to the fashion industry and they duly responded.

Keep reading to discover what’s behind this mega-trend and how you can ace it now…