10 Street Style Signs That Prove the '80s Trend Is Really Happening

We predicted way back at the start of 2016 that the time to forgo flares and say buh-bye to boho was coming. Now, it has dominated autumn/winter 2018 and is set to be just as prolific in 2019, too. It seemed like the stronghold the 1970s had maintained over this fine fashion kingdom for more than three seasons appeared to be waning—and we were right. The style elite's most forward-thinking influencers are spinning into the following decade's aesthetic instead. Yes, you read correctly—this means the '80s are back in vogue, and it will affect your closet.

Rather than rah-rah skirts, Madonna-esque basques and cutoff gloves—or the kind of power-tailored shoulder pads that could jab a co-worker's eye out at 50 paces—'80s 2.0 truly can be a more casual affair, even when the runway's offering is unashamedly outré (see how popular Saint Laurent's eveningwear is with celebs right now).

Thanks to the deft street stylers and Instagrammers pictured below, we can deduce that the success rate is down to something very simple: Wear only one '80s throwback piece at a time, unless you are truly brave and/or majorly into this trend.

So here are the 10 fashionable flashback items genuinely in action. And if you’re feeling inspired, we have also selected the best options to shop the look…