How a Wellness Wardrobe Coach Would Fix a Very Unhappy Closet

Allow us to introduce Annmarie O'Connor, a fashion journalist, editor, stylist, wellness wardrobe coach and best-selling author of The Happy Closet (£12), a self-help guide to balancing well-being and being well-dressed. Keep reading to see how an expert breaks down the practical and emotional hacks that guarantee a successful and stress-free closet clear-out.

Your closet is more than just a collection of clothes. It's a deeply vulnerable space containing layers of old energy that, if not recognised, can create sartorial chaos. This explains why something as seemingly simple as a decluttering session can trigger some extreme emotions—fear, loss, shame or even guilt. It can also make you feel like a superhero who's capable of taking on the world. That part generally comes at the end. The beginning and middle are often more complex.

Here's how to swap procrastination for motivation and how to enjoy weeding out your wardrobe.