Power Pause: How to Curb Your Shopping and Save Major Money

When it comes to shopping, the urge to buy something can easily supersede self-control. We've all talked ourselves into purchasing something that we probably didn't need or couldn't afford. So how do you decide what you should and shouldn't spend your hard-earned money on when faced with a daily onslaught of sartorial temptation?

Jill Chivers, founder of My Year Without Clothes Shopping, the site she created to help others form a healthier relationship with shopping, has devised a simple yet foolproof method for curtailing spending by only purchasing what you really need. It involves a structured thought process that forces you to hit the brakes before clicking that "place order" button or walking towards the cash register. She coined the process the Power Pause, and sums it up like this: "When you see something you desire and might want to buy—don’t purchase it straight away."

According to Chivers, you may find that re-evaluating an item will help you realise that it has no place in your wardrobe, or you may even forget about it completely. By pausing anywhere from two hours to two days after first spotting the thing you're lusting after, you're doing away with emotional shopping and instead shopping consciously.

Sound like something you could use in your life? Keep scrolling to see our visual guide outlining the Power Pause method, and shop a few wardrobe-builders that you'll wear for years to come, sans regret. 

Have you unknowingly tried the Power Pause before? Did it work for you? Tell us in the comments below!

Opening Image: Style du Monde

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