7 Expert Tips on Commissioning a Wedding Dress

What to wear? This predicament is greatly heightened when the occasion in mind is your wedding day. Fashion editors are not immune to the bridal pressure cooker either; if anything, it adds more gravity to people’s expectations. The lead-up to my wedding involved the usual whirlwind of questions facing a newly engaged woman: What dress would I go for? How would I wear my hair? Which designer would I choose? The hunt was on for the dream dress but it just didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.

Being curvy, tall and a lover of carbs, I couldn’t imagine myself in something slinky, nor did I want to go down the meringue route. I made multiple appointments to try on wedding gowns but my heart didn’t flutter. Quite the contrary, I felt doomed to look like an avalanche of crêpe de chine. I just couldn’t find a 360-degree fit for my shape that oozed my style. As options narrowed and lunch breaks were filled up with snow flurries of manic dress searches, I called it quits on bridal pret-à-porter. The dress just didn’t exist. Yet.


Which iconic wedding dress is your favourite? We adore Grace Kelly's bridal look. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.