If You're a French Girl, This Wardrobe Rule Is Non-Negotiable



If any nation of well-dressed ladies has the art of a concise wardrobe down, it's the French. These women don't muck around when it comes to capsule wardrobe curation (a five-piece plan is often all it takes to look on point), but should their repertoire take a tumble into an uncontrollable territory, just how do they bring the status quo back into play? Well, to avoid this situation in the first place, according to Fanny Moizant, the founder of luxury resale site Vestiaire Collective, there is a strict one-in, one-out policy.

But in addition to this, the website's team—who can no doubt claim a wealth of sartorial skills—has been crafting a very clever wardrobe detox booklet that launches today, and in it is a rather ingenious flow chart that will help you kick-start your French-style regimen and get your closet in good shape. We gave it a try and, zut alors, it works! Scroll down to see the clear-out process you need to follow.


Courtesy of Vestiaire Collective

Now that you've cleansed, we've found some suitably French-inspired pieces to act as sensible wardrobe fillers. Scroll through the gallery below to see them.

Part beach bag, part luxe city bag, this is a wear-all-the-time kind of treat.

No French wardrobe would be complete without a raincoat.

Tailored shorts are best worn with low heels or flats.

It's everyone's favourite Chanel pumps—but secondhand!

British and French girls can agree that summer knits are very useful indeed.

Be more Parisian, and wear this to brunch instead of the beach.