How to Choose Your Wedding Dress, According to These Fashion Brides

How do you choose your wedding dress? It’s arguably the most important outfit you’ll ever wear, but it’s a question that can plunge many brides-to-be into a lace-trimmed panic. Sure, it should be the dream shopping trip. However, in reality, it's a complete minefield, and with so many options, it can become a difficult task. We’re often asked for tips on hunting out the perfect bridal look, but to be honest, it's not all that easy—every girl has a different experience, but we can learn from it all.

In order to guide any slightly frantic brides-to-be out there, we quizzed a selection of our style-conscious friends and colleagues on how they found their dress—or The One, as we like to affectionately call it. Let their insights, mistakes and triumphs lead you in the right direction, from the method for building your own dress from scratch to buying off-the-peg and being happy with that! Keep scrolling for tips and tricks on how to find your perfect wedding dress.

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Opening Image: Eloy Muñoz

This post was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.