The 14 Most Common Underwear Mistakes We All Make

It's not just when the fashion tide turns toward exposed lingerie as a trend that we're overly interested in undies… Finding lingerie that fits like a dream and goes the distance is something of an obsession of ours. We have endless questions. Does your bra size really change like the wind? Are all bralettes bad for those with an ample bosom? How often should you update your underpinnings? Is it true you shouldn't wash brassieres as often as you think? Can you mix and match and not feel like a scruff-bag? So. Many. Unanswered. Things. That is, until now.

We visited Agent Provocateur's boudoir-like HQ in London's Clerkenwell to have a thorough one-to-one with its extremely sassy creative director, Sarah Shotton. When you think of AP, we know your mind instantly turns to the kind of racy pieces that are labelled "special occasions only," but Sarah's been adding to the brand's offering in order to cover a girl's full day-to-night, work-to-party, fun-to-serious gamut of lingerie options.


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There's also a wider selection of shapes, sizes and preferences than you'd once imagined. "I think your underwear is the most important thing you put on every day, more so than the clothes you wear. So you need to feel A.) it should fit really well, but B.) like if you [had to] walk around naked in it, you'd feel like you're looking good," she says.

If anyone knows the minutiae that makes the difference between a piece that feels confidence-boosting and something not quite there yet, it's her. And yes, I did wear the wrong bra that day (getting ready in a rush) and felt hugely self-conscious… Keep reading to discover how to locate, buy, look after and wear lingerie like a total pro.