I Was Sceptical About Body Brushing, But It's Totally Transformed My Skin

For me, bodycare is just as important as my skincare routine. I love to slather on creams and oils and indulge in beautiful shower gels, oils and salt scrubs. However, despite my love of this beauty category, I had never tried body brushing until a few months ago. Of course, the benefits of body brushing have been raved about in the beauty world for decades, but I just never thought it was for me. I scrub in the shower, so what’s the point of getting a brush too? Plus, the idea of doing so on my dry, pre-shower skin seemed kind of painful and pointless.

Wow, was I wrong. Honestly, I hate being wrong, but no single step has switched up my shower routine and changed my skin more, and I am now completely obsessed. Keep reading to find out how to body-brush and the products that I recommend.

First up, when should we body-brush? Personally, and despite my earlier cynicism, I actually prefer to brush my body when my skin is dry, as it helps me to feel really zingy and invigorated before I've even stepped foot into the shower. But it turns out that you can body-brush whenever you like: on dry pre-shower skin or when your skin is damp post-shower. 

So what are the benefits? “It’s used by alternative therapists to promote this network of cleansing vessels, which runs just beneath the surface of the skin, and to help detoxify and decongest the body,” says Kate Shapland, founder of Legology. “It also promotes the blood circulation, improving the flow of fresh nutrient-rich blood to the surface of the skin, which manifests in a natural sense of tone and smoothness as the blood fills the upper skin layers."

Plus, with regular use, I have personally noticed that my skin looks more even in tone and that my legs are smoother with fewer bumps. And you know that feeling you get in your limbs after you’ve done an amazing workout? It’s like that, sans the post-exercise ache. 

When it comes to the brushing itself, I like to use the Legology Boom Brush. I find the small size and the handle the easiest to use to get the right angles. As my shower heats up, I take a moment to get brushing. Starting from my feet, I work my way up my body using quick, firm strokes but avoiding my bikini area and my chest.

This one from Barbara Sturm has slightly softer bristles if you prefer your body brushing to be a little gentler.

Made from natural cactus bristles, this invigorating body brush from Elemis has a long handle, so it's perfect if you have trouble reaching certain areas.



Another perk of body brushing is how well it preps your body for hair removal, if that’s something you choose to do. The exfoliation gives you a smooth base for the closest shave and halts ingrown hairs. If you get laser hair removal, using a body brush to exfoliate dead skin will help with the result, says Joanna, a senior consultant at Pulse Light Clinic.

“Exfoliation is highly recommended for those of you who perform laser hair removal frequently to high-risk areas for ingrown hair," explains Joanna. "I recommend doing it prior to shaving, at night before bed at least twice weekly, before you take a shower.”

“A great by-product of body brushing is also softer skin and skin that is primed for an application of oil or cream: both absorb more quickly into skin that has been lightly abraded and when the circulation and lymph are raised,” adds Shapland.

This is something that you notice immediately—your moisturiser of choice doesn’t just sit on your skin but sinks in quickly for ultra-hydrated, smooth skin. Keep scrolling for some of my top picks.

This boasts a balmy texture that really melts into warm skin that’s fresh from the shower or bath. The ingredients, sandalwood, coconut and murumuru, create a gentle, relaxing scent.

If you get bumpy skin at the back of your arms or roughness around your knees, teaming this with your body brushing will obliterate both in no time.

The latest drop from the cult Brazilian brand smells like summer beach days, and the blend of cupuaçu butter and fruit AHAs further aids exfoliation for brighter, glowier skin.

The Cellushape Technology in this lightly whipped cream helps with skin elasticity, but the best part is the delectable scent—slather it on to smell like a tropical fruit smoothie.

A real cult classic for a reason, this stuff works to soften the driest skin. It’s really rich but sinks into the skin quickly without any greasy residue.

Up next, I'm a bodycare expert, and this affordable scrub is my secret to soft skin.

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