9 Legit Ways to Become a Street Style Star

Is it really as simple as being in the right place at the right time? From style stalking Candela Novembre and the Italian It girls who never get an outfit wrong, it's clear that it takes a whole lot more than picking up a Chanel handbag and hitting the fashion week circuit. We've researched what makes the perfect chemistry between girl, outfit and photographer by studying the most celebrated bloggers. 

Scroll down to decode what they do to get noticed time and again!

Street Style Tip #1: "Accidentally" Walk in Beautiful Places


Timur Emek/Getty

The formula for a winning street style shot is a concoction of elements including the person oozing their best self + an inspirational outfit + a striking background + the hot-ticket event + an excellent photographer to capture the moment in high-res, premium quality.

Sounds overwhelming? It needn't be. Take the scenic route back from the show space and flash a smile for those long lenses. Note: This is not about staging the photo, it needs to keep that spontaneous vibe! Case in point? Patricia Manfield is the utter pro at finding the perfect scene for her look.

Street Style Tip #2: Master Your Poses


Jacopo Raule/Getty

One of the key ways to look good in photographs is to relax. If you're worrying about where to put your arm or whether should you smile with your teeth, the vibe has most likely plummeted. Caroline de Maigret is so well-versed in striking poses that suit her, she immediately falls into the perfect stance and gaze. Read five ways to look sexy by the French icon.

Street Style Tip #3: Don't Let the Weather Kill Your Enthusiasm


Christian Vierig/Getty

Hey, it rains in Paris; winter is a cruel mistress in New York; London is famed for its grey rain showers (don't we know it); and Milan, well, Milan is more often than not a tonic of sunshine.

No matter what the forecast is says, be prepared with clever layers that demonstrate how well you can style a functional look. It's real life not the runway, and that's what makes the whole affair of street style so attractive.

On Olivia Palermo: Westward Leaning x Olivia Palermo sunglasses.

Street Style Tip #4: Take Your Man to the FROW


The Styleograph

They don't call it power couple for nothing. Bring your dapper beau or BF to fashion's front line, because two awesome people make for an even better photo op. Good company always makes for better smiles too!

Street Style Tip #5: Wear Talking-Point Accessories


Edward Berthelot/Getty

Whilst staying true to your own personal style agenda, it's always cool to incorporate the current season's (or, even better, the next season's) most desired accessory. From Chanel's latest bag or sunglasses to Loewe's It bag du jour, get on it because photographers are like magnets for such pieces. 

On Helena Bordon: Chanel sunglasses and bag.

Street Style Tip #6: Wear Shoes You Can Walk In


Christian Vierig/Getty

There's nothing worse than watching a woman tumbling over towering heels or balancing on cobbles (remember the Somerset House courtyard, aka the heel trap?). Even though it's a photo rather than a video, you need to be able to strut, stride and glide across the urban landscape in those premium shoes. Not only will you be way more comfortable, your posture will be elevated.

Street Style Tip #7: Be Experimental With Your Style


Christian Vierig/Getty

Oh, the fine line between knowing what suits you and playing it too safe. Susie Lau is the queen of mixing it up and keeping those around her guessing what she'll wear next. She single-handedly livens up the colour quota on the photo wires. Do dabble in a splash of adventure when you've established a foothold with street paps.

On Susie Lau: Loewe Elephant Shoulder Bag (£750) available in tan.

Street Style Tip #8: Look Good in 360 Degrees


Style du Monde

Before leaving the house/flat/hotel (delete where appropriate) don't just check your look from the front, check that your look is balanced all around. Some of the best street style snaps are of women walking away from the camera to showcase an unexpected detail or fashion flourish that makes the heart flutter. 

The Céline tie-back dress was last season's key look that made it across all street style blogs worth their salt. As seen on Pernille Teisbaek, Man Repeller and Yasmin Sewell, to name but a few.

On Pernille TeisbaekCéline dress; Loewe bag.

Street Style Tip #9: Have Fun


Edward Berthelot/Getty

Fashion outsiders tend not to fully understand that being papped on the street circuit is actually part of your PR and marketing strategy. It matters, but if it weighs heavy on you, you'll loose that vital joie de vivre that makes a woman so photogenic.

Stay playful with your outfits, and, most vitally, have fun flirting with those flash bulbs! Model Soo Joo Park is the perfect example of a professional woman raising her profile by having an enormous amount of fun in front of the cameras. Copy that.

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