How to Become a Fashion Editor, According to Those Who Did It

The role of a fashion editor has long been mythicized as a "dream job," with "a thousand girls" who would dream of adding this title to Linkedin profiles. However, unlike other professions like law and teaching where there are clear pathways in, I've never seen a "fashion editor" stand at a university career fair, and there's no such thing as an editor's assessment centre day. Many assume you need an "in" at a magazine to get work experience (translation: an aunt or a cousin able to pull some strings), let alone a job, but most of the fashion editors I know (including myself) made their own contacts and carved their own route in through hard work. If you have no clue where to begin or want e-advice about how to turn your internship into an actual job, keep scrolling to see how to become a fashion editor, according to those who did it.