7 Secrets to Becoming a Successful Fashion Blogger

If there’s even a tiny part of you that aims to become a fashion blogger—and not only become one, but remain a truly successful blogger—you know it’s a crowded, competitive space. Done right, it can be the ideal way to be creative with your fashion, inspire others with your looks, and maybe, just maybe, make a living from it. Of course, the best way to learn how to navigate it is simple: Go straight to the top bloggers themselves and find out how they did it. And that’s exactly what we did.




We sat down with Aimee Song, creator of the blog Song of Style; size-diverse bloggers extraordinaire and Premme founders Gabi Fresh and Nicolette Mason; and Raina Penchansky, the chief strategy officer of blogger management behemoth Digital Brand Architects, to pick their brains on the best way to climb the blogger ladder from unknown to unforgettable (and make millions).

Scroll down to get their seven top tips on becoming a successful fashion blogger.