5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Look More Stylish

Rather than an entire wardrobe overhaul (who has the time or money for that?), we believe that a handful of simple tweaks to your existing closet can provide the difference between looking current and feeling a little dated. Being stylish is a life-long project, and it's okay to make mistakes or feel distinctly un-cool for any given period of time, but there are certain fallback tricks one can rely upon any day of the year. 

It might seem obvious to those mavens out there with an innate sense for looking tip-top even on a 6 a.m. Megabus journey, but the rest of us occasionally have to double-down and get back to basics in order to feel new and fresh and fashionable again. So rather than start the year with the sense that you can only be fabulous if you buy a heap of brand-new items, or that you're stuck in a winter rut (although we have some outfit ideas specifically for that), read the below tips for a quick refresher. Much of the advice will prove to be light on both your time and wallet—the ideal combination when we're wallowing in the depths of those January blues. Of course, I've provided you with a few shopping options—should you feel inclined—but no pressure.

Keep reading to see the ways you can look more stylish from this very instant.