7 Things You Need to Give Up to Be More Stylish

Knowing what to do to be more stylish can be a bit elusive. Sometimes you just need to receive tangible advice that can help you easily have a style refresh. With the new year quickly approaching, it got us thinking about the steps we can all follow to be more stylish in 2017. And while we're all for advice on what to wear, sometimes it's helpful to get a little guidance pertaining to what not to wear. 

With this in mind, we compiled a constructive list of seven things that can easily be achieved to dress better in the new year. While of course it's most important to wear what you love and feel most confident in, just a few subtle wardrobe tweaks can make your go-to outfits look even better. From the shoe styles to toss out to the type of skinny jeans to avoid, these are the seven things to give up to be more stylish (and what to swap them for).

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Give Up...

Cheap-Looking Skinny Jeans 

A denim expert gave us the scoop on the type of skinny jeans that looks the cheapest (and those that look the most expensive).



Style du Monde 

Our Expensive-Looking Skinny Jeans Pick:

This under £100 pair looks ultra-expensive, thanks to the dark wash and tailored fit.

Give Up...

Plain Black Outerwear

If you want to stand out, swap your old black coat for something a little more vibrant and interesting. Because in the winter months, your outerwear is sometimes the only way to show the world just how stylish you are.



Style du Monde 

Our Interesting Outerwear Pick:

We love this mixture of metallic brocade and fur lining.

Give Up...

Sloppy, Ill-Fitting Tracksuits

With so many stylish athleisure options on offer these days, there's no reason to rely on your old tracksuit when you want to be comfortable. Instead, invest in polished activewear like leggings, and cropped hoodies.



Style du Monde 

Our Polished Athleisure Pick:

Pair these with retro sneakers and a bomber or leather jacket. 

Give Up...

Outdated Footwear

Still reaching for rubber flip-flops and wedge sneakers on occasion? It's time to swap them out for more fashion-forward options, like velvet block-heel ankle boots, backless slipper mules, and white leather boots and heels.

Our Forward Footwear Pick:

These velvet block pumps are the perfect wardrobe staple.

Give Up...

Fast-Fashion Pieces Everyone Has

While the draw of a popular item can be hard to resist, do a little legwork and seek out more under-the-radar pieces that express your individuality.

Our Under-the-Radar Fast-Fashion Pick:

Swap your denim miniskirt for this more seasonally appropriate option. 

Give Up...

Anything That's Too Short or Too Tight

Fashion girls have abandoned "sexy" outfits in favor of more oversized styles. For example, instead of wearing a body-con mini dress for a night out on the town, try a silky slip dress layered over a knit or tee. 

Our More Modest Pick:

We plan on wearing this pretty slip layered over a slim turtleneck this winter. 

Give Up...

Chunky Costume Jewellery

If you love oversized jewellery that makes a statement, opt for pieces that are more sculptural and modern for the most of-the-moment vibe, or stick to delicate layered pieces for something a bit more subtle.



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Our Modern Jewelry Pick:

These will make even the simplest outfits so much more special. 

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