Behind Every Fashion Powerhouse Is a Great Assistant

When you tell people you work in fashion, one of the first questions (after "Ooh, what discounts do you have?" and "So is my outfit in fashion?") is usually a play on "So is it actually like The Devil Wears Prada?" An Instagram account @fashionassistants shares assistants' "get me the unpublished Harry Potter manuscript" stories, making it clear that Miranda Priestly isn't purely fiction. It's all too easy to overlook those making meeting requests and doing the morning coffee runs, but behind every fashion powerhouse is a great assistant.

It's extremely powerful to have a platform to shine a light on the flaws in any industry, however, we wanted to join this conversation by celebrating many of the brightest new talents. The hardest and most volatile time in your career is often at the start, so tips from assistants are arguably just as valuable as the advice from someone at the top of a business. We asked our followers to nominate fashion assistants who deserve to be celebrated, and out of the six I met, not one had an aunt who worked at Vogue.

Keep scrolling to see how London's new fashion talent landed their jobs and their tips on how to navigate what can be a difficult and intimidating career.