What It Takes to Be a Blogger, by One of the Industry's Most Influential Names

As one of the biggest digital influencers going, fashion blogger Thássia Naves is not short of accolades: The Business of Fashion have named her in their BoF 500 social media power list, whilst global fashion network WGSN say she's up there with Chiara Ferragni and Dolce & Gabbana in terms of her audience reach. She has 2.2 million followers on Instagram, brand ambassadorships a-plenty and a shoe collection to give you heart palpitations… And she only set up her site five years ago. So who better to learn about the blogging trade than from the Brazialian girl behind Blog Da Thássia? We caught up with the savvy style leader to see how she made this career path work for her. Keep reading to see our interview and shop her look!


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WHO WHAT WEAR UK: When you first started your blog, what were your ambitions?

THASSIA NAVES: I always wanted to create an influential and content-rich blog that others could look at and feel a little bit of inspiration. It is my personal style diary that I get to share with the world, and I am very happy with the success I have obtained so far!  


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WWW UK: How quickly did it start to influence your day-to-day life?

TN: Fashion itself has always influenced my day-to-day life; my mother is a major influence as she is my reference for good taste and elegance. In regards to how my blog started to influence me daily, it was when I started to get more engagement and I became more aware about the quality of the posts and photos I was producing. I became more aware of the finer details, and I believe this combination helped me grow and develop.


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WWW UK: What would you say separates your blog from many others?

TN: I think being able to travel and stay on top of key trends, plus being able to learn daily from exchanging tips with my dear readers. I also think showing details of my outfits is great for my readers, as I know that would be interesting for them, and ensuring the images being visually pleasing! I like my personality to shine through, and I always aim to show my followers the real me. I love what I do, and I work extremely hard and take everything I do on my blog and in life very seriously. I am a very happy person, and I like this to shine within my blog posts. I live in the now and I try to enjoy all the new experiences that come my way! I guess having an authentic blog separates me from others and showing how grateful I am for what I have. I always see the glass half full and I think that’s what helps attract readers and keep people engaged!


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WWW UK: How do you keep everything up and running when life gets really busy?

TN: I have a great a support system at home and a team of people I work with. They all work behind the scenes and help me keep everything together. My schedule is really busy but I am forever grateful with the people I have around me and how hard we all work together.

WWW UK: What is the most exciting thing that has happened to you because of the success of the blog?

TN: I would have to say being included by Business of Fashion's top 500 most influential people in the fashion industry on social media. This is such an amazing honour and I could not have been more thankful—especially to be named on the same list as some of the most iconic people in the industry! 


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WWW UK: Do you just know when certain items or pictures will be popular on social media?

TN: Yes. As my account is very fashion focused, I like to post images of myself in full outfits, as this usually gets the most likes and attention from my followers—they particularly love an evening dress. I also try and post throughout the day just to have a consistent presence and so people don't forget about me!

WWW UK: What advice would you give to anyone looking to move into blogging now?

TN: My advice to anyone looking to start his or her own blog is to make it personal and individual—always be yourself. Nobody starts off being an expert in blogging; however, your blog should be a great visual experience, so it's important to have a focus and take great imagery. I’d always advise on creating your own original content, rather than copying from other blogs. 


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WWW UK: What has been the biggest learning curve for you during this process?

TN: I think it's been learning how to deal with the negativity you can face online, especially on some of my Instagram posts. I even posted a no-makeup selfie to make a point that I am a normal person and that nobody is perfect. I am like many other girls who like to look beautiful, but I wanted people to see that my life isn’t always like that and I do have flaws like any other normal, down to earth girl. I tend to try and not pay attention to any of the negative comments because they add no benefit to my life. I receive so many positive comments that make me smile and persevere with my goals and career.

WWW UK: Thank you, Thássia! 

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