How To Maintain Your Balance in Heels: One Trick That Works

We’ve done a lot of talking here at Who What Wear about heels: how to buy the best pair for you, how to wear them without being in constant pain, and even how to give your walk a bit more grace. But we’ve saved the best for last. The one tried-and-true trick for ensuring you'll look like a total pro when you walk out the door in your favourite stilettos? Engage your core.

We did a bit of digging and found this somewhat vintage article with sage advice from high-heel exercise coach Freya West (yes, that’s a real thing).

I say this all the time to my students, but if you want to look good strutting your stuff, it’s all about the abs... Try taking a few steps in your heels, and feel how your abs tense and release with each step. Keep that belly to spine and give your best sassy walk across the room. If you practice your walk with your core in mind, soon it’ll become second nature to use that center strength to carry you.

There’s nothing like a strong core to improve your posture and help you maintain your balance when you’re teetering around on 6-inch stilettos. Next lesson? How to tackle a marathon in stilettos. (Well, maybe not.)

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