The Only 5 Things You Need to Know About the Art of Accessorizing

By this point in your sartorial life, you likely understand the important role good accessorizing plays in any outfit. (Thanks, Olivia Palermo.) But it bears repeating: Without a solid approach to planning your accessories, you're going nowhere fast—they're crucial to any stylish look.

Our resident styling expert Marissa Webb agrees, and she took the time to share her thoughts on the matter with us (and now you!).

"I consider accessories the icing on the cake," Webb says. "Even if you consider yourself a more conservative or classic dresser, accessories are where many woman are willing to be a little more daring. It's about taking accessories, thinking about them differently, and incorporating them into your wardrobe and personal style, but not taking them so literally."

Keep scrolliing to see what she means!