Has Your Relationship Changed Your Style? 8 Real Women Weigh In

We’ve all been known to dress to please others more than ourselves from time to time (see high school, job interviews, etc.), so it makes sense that we'd also take our significant others' opinions into account when getting dressed.

But the question is how much sway that opinion really has over our choices. Do we let it transform our style entirely or only when it feels right? Do we seek out sartorial guidance from our boyfriends and girlfriends or maintain a strict separation of cuddle-buddy and closet?

As a curious singleton in a sea of coupled-up friends and colleagues (#woeisme), I decided to investigate. How much do today’s women cater to their partners' sense of fashion, if at all? And, regardless of the answer, is being in a relationship more likely to make one's style better or worse?

Scroll down to find out what eight women had to say on the matter!