This Is the Minimum You Should Be Spending on Your New Bikini

The disparity between the coat of swimwear can be staggering, as you can spend £15 or £350 for a seemingly identical little red bikini. It can be tempting to go for the £10 bikini every time, but I wanted to find out if it's worth investing in your bikini drawer and where you can really see the difference.

The minimum amount you should be spending on swimwear, advises Beach Flamingo's founder, Lily Russo, is £100. "From my experience, it's very hard to find well-made swimwear that doesn't compromise on fit and quality for under £100," she explains. "I have been developing my own line for the last year, so I have seen every detail involved. The only brands that are able to do this are the big chains who can mass produce. However, not everyone can afford to spend £200 to 300 on a swimsuit, so I always stick to what I have always said about clothing in general—it is best to invest in the best you can afford, as it will ultimately last longer, which is good for your bank balance and the planet too."