5 Things Most Girls Don't Want to Spend Money On

It is High Street Week here at Who What Wear UK, so by Sunday (if we have done our jobs properly), you will have a shopping list longer than your to-do list. There are definitely some pieces out there that are worth investing in, however, we were interested to discover the things that our readers would never spend a lot of money on.

We decided to ask the 1800 people in our shopping community, So… Should I Buy This?, about which five things they always buy on the high street. Keep scrolling for the pieces they recommend you save (rather than splurge) on.

1. Basic White T-Shirts

How Much Should I Spend on Clothes: High-Street Pieces



White T-shirts are the last thing many people would choose to invest in because they will inevitably end up with coffee stains and makeup around the neckline. One of our favourite money-saving tricks here is to buy multipacks of T-shirts.

2. Sunglasses

The consensus on our Facebook shopping group was that it's risky to invest in sunglasses. Why? Well, because they get scratched, snap and get left in all sorts of places.

3. Swimwear

The price disparity between the cost of swimwear can be quite unbelievable, as you can easily spend £12 to £400 on a black swimming costume. While swimwear experts have previously told us that it's hard to find a good fit for under £100, it seems that swimwear is something many don't want to splash out on. If you only go on two holidays a year, the cost-per-wear isn't going to be a persuading factor either.

4. Trend Jewellery

There are certain jewellery pieces worth investing in, such as classic rings, pendants and hoops, however, trendy costume jewellery is something you can get right on the high street.

5. Shoes

This answer surprised me slightly, but one of the most popular answers on this thread was shoes. After all, not everyone fancies spending over £200 a pair.

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