This Is How Many Trainers I Think Everyone Should Own

I love sneakers: I often choose to wear them instead of heels, no matter the occasion. As much as I can appreciate how chic a pair of nude Stuart Weitzman sandals looks with a jumpsuit for a wedding, when it comes to daily activities, trainers are the way forward, and my collection involves all the classics you'd hope for. These days, trainers are the holy grail where practicality meets pleasure: designers, sportswear brands and superfans have made us all see sneaks in a different light, whether they're extolling the virtues of a simple classic or pushing the design boundaries with some out-there ideas. Either way, thanks to the current obsession with athleisure and streetwear, there are fewer rules and regs about wearing them 24/7, and it's now normal to see them dotted around your workplace or becoming the norm at brunch. Whether it's a midi skirt or a pair of jeans, there are endless outfit combos to wear with sneakers.

I just have one rule when it comes to trainers, however: You must have a few different pairs in your wardrobe so you keep them looking as fresh as possible and so that you've got options for various outfits. Like any shoes, no one pair of sneakers could go with every single thing you own. Also, unless you're going for the battered sneaker look (which isn't such a bad thing), it's best to keep them clean so that your footwear choices look intentional rather than negligent. Want to know how many sneakers I think everyone should own? Keep scrolling for my beginner's guide.