These 2 Photo Tricks Increase Online Dating Success, According to Science

How to look better dating profile pictures: Jeanne Damas taking selfie



So you're bored at home on a Friday night, grab your phone, tap on Tinder and begin swiping one way and the other. While it may sometimes feel a bit mindless sorting through photo after photo, there's actually a science behind what makes you swipe left or right.

Studies have delved into the world of dating applications and discovered that a few key tricks can give your photos a little extra edge. They're easy, yes, but have been scientifically shown to make a big impact on how desirable others find you. Something as simple as the way you stand in the photo can be the difference between a first date and a missed connection.

To help you master the art of the dating profile pic, we delved into the science for you and rounded up two important tips that are proven to increase your online dating success. Keep scrolling to check out each tip, and then shop pieces to wear when you land your next first date

Trick One: Smile and Tilt Your Head

While opting for a photo in which you're smiling may not seem particularly surprising, a study published in the Journal Evidence Based Medicine noted that, specifically, a genuine smile (one that creates crinkles around the eyes) can have a strong influence on likability. The study also notes that slightly tilting your head to one side can additionally enhance attractiveness. So when selecting your next profile photo, take these two factors into account.

Trick Two: Use Expansive Body Positioning

In an abstract published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, researchers found that what they described as "postural expansiveness" made both men and women more romantically appealing. When mate-seekers flipped through images on a dating app, they were significantly more likely to say yes to someone who filled up the frame and used a dominant posture. When selecting a photo, make sure to choose one where your posture and body positioning display confidence.

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