How French Girls Really Dress, According to a Parisian

If your wardrobe hasn't yet been introduced to Sézane, then let us have the pleasure of kick-starting a very fruitful fashion relationship. Morgane Sezalory is the 30-year-old genius behind what is essentially France's first-ever online fashion brand. She may now count a recently opened store in the heart of Paris as a major milestone, but Morgane is credited with jettisoning her country's e-commerce world into the here and now.

Her cool and casual wares—imagine the kind of pieces that are based around the pillars of Parisian style but shifted into slightly more adventurous territory—have been creeping into Europeans' wardrobes subtly but quickly since launching in 2013. If you have noticed an Instagram star wearing a particularly fetching Breton top, a natty suede jacket or a perfect-fit pair of jeans but not been able to tell where they bought them from, you can bet your last euro that it's Sézane. 

The label is finally shipping to UK shores, and so to celebrate this and the first day of Paris Fashion Week—where no doubt a savvy lot will be decked out in Sézane—we caught up with Morgane to discover how to find that je ne sais quoi in your own closet. Scroll down to find out how French girls really dress today, and shop the pieces to pay homage to them…


Courtesy of Sézane

Who What Wear UK: For a long time there was a certain look that we came to recognise as Parisienne—say a shirt, jeans, ankle boots and a jacket. Do you think that has changed?

Morgane Sezalory: This still represents a Parisian girl's uniform, it has not changed! But they are always looking for the jeans with a better cut and the shirt with a better quality—classic pieces with an edge that are updated with the latest accessory. So a typical outfit would include a pair of jeans with the perfect cut like Sézane Slim 001 Jeans (£75), a boyish shirt like the Sézane Tom Shirt (£63) and trainers or high heels depending on her mood. 

WWW UK: Do French girls take note of the trends?

MS: They do, but they always twist it with the famous French way—incorporating trends into their look rather than wearing one trend head-to-toe. 


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WWW UK: What do you think are the most important items to spend money on and the ones you can buy slightly cheaper?

MS: Bags and shoes are the most important because they are the ones you want to keep for a long time. A great-fitting leather jacket is also an investment piece and something that every Parisian girl has in her wardrobe along with a great-fitting pair of jeans and a good-quality basic white T-shirt. 


Courtesy of Sézane

WWW UK: Is there one way in which the UK fashion lovers are completely different from the French?

MS: The British girls are amazing because they dare to wear bright colours through every season when French women almost always wear neutral ones like black, white, blue and nude. I love it when I go to London and I see all these pops of colors, it’s so refreshing! 

WWW UK: What would you say is the one thing the most stylish French girls have in common?

MS: Simplicity and the I woke up like this effect. They never go over-the-top and they know how to keep it simple. 

WWW UK: Are there any kinds of items that Parisian women would never, ever touch?

MS: I think that even with the most unwearable pieces, the Parisian girl will always know how to mix them with other pieces to look stylish.


WWW UK: Are Parisian girls just as obsessed with handbags as Londoners?  

MS: I think every woman has it in her blood to love handbags, but maybe Londoners love them more than we do. We definitely love shoes more than them. At least a little bit more!


Courtesy of Sézane

WWW UK: Many French ladies are very good at wearing casual outfits in the evening. What is the trick?

MS: The little touch does everything. For example, if a French girl wears casual clothes to go out at night, she will be wearing heels and a bright red lipstick. Then if she wants to wear trainers, she knows she will wear sexier clothes.  

WWW UK: Would you say Parisian women are very good at building capsule wardrobes and always being able to find something to wear?

MS: To me, it’s universal. Every woman can have her closet full of the most stylish clothes, she still won’t have something to wear, Parisian girl or not! 

WWW UK: Phew! It's not just us then…

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