How Fashion Editors REALLY Eat: A Who What Wear Food Diary

More so than with other professions, you can sort of read a particular fashion editor's style, preferences, and status by the clothes she chooses. One thing that fashion editors tend to keep very hush-hush, though, is what they're eating.

Aside from the occasional Instagram pic of french fries and avocado toast (many of which are snapped via the hilarious Instagram account You Did Not Eat That), editors don't do a ton of advertising of their diets. Which is why it's of particular interest that our sister site, Byrdie, delved into Who What Wear's own editors' daily eating routines—from breakfast to lunch to snacks to drinks. Everything.

From eggs and salsa on toast (shown above in a snap from our editorial director Kat Collings) to a heaping helping of truffle fries, as it turns out, our editors eat quite robustly. Head to Byrdie to see everything Who What Wear editors eat on a daily basis