How do you style Bermuda shorts for work and play?

Bermuda shorts have seemingly sauntered away from tourist territory and have neatly nested into fashion girls' wardrobes. And while they are refreshingly comfortable and hip, to fully embrace their glory, wear them (carefully and coolly) in one of two distinct ways.

For Work:
Firstly, for work, think: suit. A knee-length short in a crisp fabric and sophisticated colour paired with a matching blazer can feel both professional and stylish. Add a skinny belt in either a bold colour or shiny metallic and a simple pointy-toe or d'orsay heel. A printed silky blouse—perhaps in a polka-dot or cute, irreverent pattern—will both feminize and elevate the whole getup.

For Play:
?Secondly, for play, think: casual, yet ironic. Go for Birkenstock-type flat sandals, a classic crewneck grey sweatshirt (a little boy's shrunken version perhaps!) and a knot headband a la Celine. This look will turn heads as you run errands around town or meet a girlfriend for lunch. To dress this look up, be sure to accessorize your Bermudas with a polished handbag or clutch, a bold lipstick choice and a stylised—either clear or cat-eye—pair of sunglasses.


Image courtesy of Tine Andrea Storløs