The Secret Steps That Celebrities Take When Dressing for an Event

Thanks to the Internet and the rise of social media, we’re now familiar with the fact that it often takes an army (or, shall we say, a glam team) to get celebrities ready for a big red carpet event. But though they readily share their favourite brands and makeup selections with us, they tend to keep quiet on the nitty gritty details—like what they wear underneath a sheer dress, for instance, or how they stand in heels for hours on end without showing signs of duress?

So, we decided to take one for the team and dig a little deeper by asking some of Hollywood’s top stylists what else goes into perfecting a celebrity’s total look. Prepare to be really surprised by some of these!

Scroll down to see the secret tips these stylists revealed to us!

Has worked with: Shailene Woodley, Lizzy Caplan, Nina Dobrev, Leighton Meester, Krysten Ritter, etc.

"The first and foremost thing to consider is tailoring—a good tailoring job is what separates a red carpet look from your average mortal's outfit. This applies to both men and women.

Secondly are good underpinningsmy female clients love the Spanx body suits as well as the high waisted thong ones with mesh. I would also be lost without Nippies. A lot of my clients are smaller chested and don't want to wear bras but also don't want the headlights lookespecially with a flash which shows everything. I don't like the petals cause they tend to show, but Nippies are silicone and completely blend under all manner of garmentsthey'll even hide the occasional nipple piercing.

And thirdwe try to choose shoes that work with the length of their hem and don't cut off their legs too much. We always consider most how something will photograph. So I have special bright lights in my studio that mimick the look of flashes, as well as a plain white foam board. We take several photos of them in the outfit and decide based on which look photographs best, what stands out, what looks cleanest, chicest and most effortless. And of course the most flattering. If they go on a talk show we make sure to do sitting down photos cause not all clothes look good sitting down. We also consider things like: will they be up on a stage or platform, can you see up their skirt, etc.? And we practice the pose which is super important because you want a posture that will do the most justice to an outfitit really is different for every outfit!"

Has worked with: Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea

"Finding a brand that coincides with the celebrities own brand image [is important]. Some celebrities are wild cards and dont mind taking risks with certain designers, and then you have others who are specific and more concise with what works for them.

Consignment and vintage stores are also pivotal for finding one-of-a-kind and sought after pieces. They're especially helpful if a client is looking for a vintage 1920s or other period piece."

Has worked with: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kate Upton, Emilia Clarke & Elizabeth Olsen

"[We] always try to look beyond trends because they tend to get repetitive. Comfort is [another] secret to styling. Top tips include shoe inserts, hair spray on the sole of new shoes to stop skipping, using top stick tape if needed and lining items in the correct fabric so the piece will still feel light. With lining always go for something as light or lighter than the actual garment fabric unless you are fur-lining a winter coat of course! But you never want to weigh down a delicate fabric and if the fabric is detailed make sure you go for a good nude, ideally similar to the colour of your skin."

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Have worked with: Keke Palmer, Selita Ebanks, Tessa Thompson, Chrissie Fit, etc.

"First are boob suspenders to lift up the breast area. We are seeing a lot of deep V-necklines lately, which is a great trend but, for many, having to go braless can be unflattering. For this, we suggest using what we like to call suspenders. This requires taking a piece of black electrical tape purchased at your local drug store and, starting at the waist below each breast, applying it vertically, then when you get to the breast lift it up with the opposite hand and, while that breast is lifted, apply the tape along the breast extending around the shoulder. Apply as many pieces of tape until you feel secure.

The next tip applies to the popular trend of dresses and jumpsuits that have cutouts with mesh covering. Unfortunately, the mesh on these dresses tends to only be one distinct [pale] colour. However, we all know the modern day fashionista comes in many different shades. To achieve a mesh that matches perfectly with someone's skin tone, we take a liquid foundation that matches their skin and carefully apply t to the mesh area; we recommend doing this with a beauty blender."

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