The New Selfie Trend Fashion Girls Across the Globe Are All Trying

How do you achieve the perfect selfie? It's a question we've long been asking ourselves here at Who What Wear UK. Week in and week out, there seems to be a new trick to getting it right, and believe us when we say that we've tried them all. But scroll through your Instagram feed and you'll notice that there's a rising trend for one particular style right now. Yes, those impeccably dressed Insta bloggers have moved on from posting lift selfies (for now), and it seems the ultimate selfie involves a hotel lobby and one giant mirror.

It all sounds simple enough; all you need is the mirror (the bigger, the better) and one posh hotel. And it makes perfect sense—capture your outfit and your envy-inducing surrounds in one snap. Easy, right? But don't just take our word for it. To master this trend and ensure you achieve that successful selfie, take your cue from the real pros, and check out how Alexa Chung and co. have nailed theirs. Scroll below to see our favourite hotel-lobby selfies in action.


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Style Notes: Alexa Chung gave us all a lesson in mastering the mirror selfie here, posing in an embroidered skirt and a striped shirt, with a slight head tilt to showcase that fuss-free updo.

Style Notes: Veronika Heilbrunner used her lobby selfie to showcase her entire outfit, including the cutout detail on her printed dress.


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Style Notes: Get creative like Jeanne Damas—why not pose on the staircase?


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Style Notes: Printed floor tiles are the perfect place to show off sensational shoes.


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Style Notes: Close-ups are ideal for showing off those subtle but stylish outfit details.