How London's Most Stylish Are Dressing for This Crazy Heatwave

If you haven't already noticed, it's hot out there—and I mean really hot. We're talking makeup-melting, fanning-yourself-with-the-contents-of-your-desk-drawer hot. Usually this sort of extreme weather means that practicality is pushed to the forefront: What will hide sweat patches? What won't stick to other people on the tube?

But not for this stylish lot. We've been scouring the streets of London to find the best hot-weather outfits as worn by you, the Great British public. You didn't disappoint; from killer accessories and stylish skirts to an impressive lineup of vintage showstoppers, this is Heatwave Dressing 101. Scroll down to discover the looks we've fallen in love with. And if you spot yourself, don't forget to give us a wave on Twitter or Instagram!