My Flat Is Tiny, But These Interiors Buys Work Perfectly

I've moved around a lot in my adult life, having lived between New York, Melbourne, and now London. After spending three years in the densely populated city of New York, I like to think I've become accustomed to small living spaces. (In fact, my first Manhattan apartment was so tiny I affectionately compared it to Harry Potter's room under the staircase, and honestly, that was being generous.) So when I finally made the move to London, I already had several ideas on how I could maximise the inevitably small space I would eventually call home. 

When it comes to tiny-flat living, interior decoration has to be strategic, so before making a purchase, I often think about whether an item will work to enhance a space. Mirrors are perfect for doing just that, as they tend to open up a room and make the environment feel more spacious. 

How to decorate a small flat: Arched Mirrors



In terms of furniture, I'm a fan of anything with built-in storage or a handy space-saving feature—whether that's an ottoman that opens up to house blankets and pillows or a set of nesting tables that can be stored together and then opened to provide more space when entertaining. 

While I like intricate prints and portraits as much as the next girl, art is one thing I try to keep quite minimal at home. Yes, gallery walls might be all the rage on Pinterest and Instagram, but I tend to find clean surfaces help to make a space feel roomier. That's why I always choose to focus on one statement piece or series that will still leave plenty of white space. Keep scrolling for the interiors buys I love to make my tiny flat feel bigger. 

Mirror, Mirror

Home Decorations: Arched Mirror Trend



Mirrors are a great option when it comes to making a room feel bigger. For smaller spaces, I always opt for a leaner mirror as opposed to one on a frame, as that will save you a little extra space. In my current flat, I also chose a dressing table with a built-in mirror, which I think has really worked to open up the space. 

How to decorate a small flat: Space saving furniture



I'm all about furniture that works double time. A wall unit that doubles as a desk? Yes! A footrest that contains storage? Definitely. And let's not forget the benefit of a nesting-style coffee table when it comes to space saving. 

When it comes to artwork, less is more! I tend to pick one statement piece and make it the focal point of the room. Choose a serene beach print or minimalist line drawing to bring a sense of calm to your space. 

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