This Is Holly Willoughby's Secret to Making the Miniskirt Look Grown-Up

Last year was all about the midi dress and skirt, so it's no surprise we'd forgotten about the sassiest of lengths: the mini. It's not always an easy hemline to pull off and can make some feel a bit self-conscious. Plus, we always have our mother's words "only show legs or décolletage, not both" in our heads reminding us of that classic dressing mantra. But thanks to Holly Willoughby, we've rediscovered a miniskirt outfit formula that is not only chic but also properly grown-up. Once again, the TV presenter has hit it just right, and we can't wait to re-create the look. So, what's the big secret? Simply add a roll neck. There are a few ensembles that are worth copying, so we've included a couple below. Keep scrolling to see just how Holly updates the miniskirt and minidress.