The 5 Pillars of Every Girl's Summer Wardrobe

For all the extravagant pairs of earrings, off-the-shoulder tops and knotted jumpsuits we buy, there's actually nothing better than snapping up a few summer go-tos that you know work on a day-to-day basis, no matter what. These few pillars are the glue that holds everything together—where all of your other wardrobe pieces can dip in and out according to where you're going, what you're doing and how simple or complex your styling desires may be at any given moment.

Time and time again we see that these classics hold steadfast in how important they are for us to get right—we know that a button-down shirt can be worn a million and one ways or that a great pair of sneakers can actually see you through the season far better than a flimsy pair of sandals—and we've selected our favourites from a brand who specialises in them come this time of the year, Hollister.

Scroll down to see and shop the five pieces every girl needs when the hot weather rolls around…